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Simplify Pentest Planning, Reporting, and Findings Delivery with C4PO

What can it do
for you?

What can it do
for you?

  • Great starting point for beginners
  • Easy way to do pentests without prior knowledge of hacking
  • Designed to avoid "Analysis Paralysis"
  • Central overview and organisation of pentests
  • Saves money compared to hiring third-party pentesters or tools
  • Completely open-source under the Apache-2.0 license
  • Accelerate your pentest delivery to better serve clients
  • Boost margins by slashing report creation time
  • Automatically build actionable reports

Setup the application in a few seconds for your environment!

Simplify the Pentesting Life Cycle

Security-C4PO is an open-source web-application for managing and documenting penetration tests. This tool allows a security tester to keep track of the testing progress according to the OWASP Testing Guide. This application aims to make the offical Testing Guide more actionable to work with.

Getting started

Collect findings of your pentest and build your report in a few seconds

C4PO provides pentesters the perfect solution when it comes to reporting security vulnerabilities and other risk-related findings.
It makes the pain of copy and paste a thing of the past.
The interface is designed to guide you through your pentests in the style of the OWASP Testing Guide.
Before creating your report we show you a summary through visualizing findings and their statuses.

  • Setup the whole application locally or host it yourself for a team.
  • Base your questionnaires on the offical OWASP Testing Guide.
  • Track the time you spend on each objective in your pentest.
  • Stay consistent across all reports with our templating engine.
  • Collect findings inside the app and generate reports with a few clicks.
  • Automatically track the time you take for each objective.
  • Manage reports with robust tagging and data visualization.
  • Keep consistency of verbiage across narratives, findings writeups, and reports.
  • Track the status of your pentest reports after handing them to the customer.

C-3PO was designed as a protocol droid intended to assist in etiquette, customs and translation.

The Security-C4PO app does the same thing for penetration testers whilst taking great inspiration from official testing guides, hacking best practices and industrie standards. ”

- C4PO Team

Read our pentest report!

Read an example report from our Juice Shop pentest and see how it would look like for your future pentests.